I can highly recommend Bookow based on customer support I received.

It was my fourth novel but first time using Bookow to format a manuscript into paperback and Kindle versions.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous because one of my chapters contains Emojis and didn’t know how to prepare it so they’d print well in both formats.

I emailed Bookow to ask about it. Steve followed up right away. He helped walk me through the process and stayed in communication with me throughout.

He went into my manuscript, worked his magic, and I was able to load my novel onto KDP in both Kindle and paperback versions. They look highly professional.

I also used their service to quickly download a cover template I could use in Canva.

I’m grateful for the support Steve provided and am happy to recommend Bookow as an easy and efficient way to prepare your books for publication.

- Kevin Kelley, Author of A Time of Ever After

I finally finished my first non-fiction book using Scrivener and was all set to create a PDF and EPUB. But I couldn’t get the formatting right. I like Scrivener – it’s an excellent tool for keeping everything in place while writing. However, it left much to be desired when trying to output Kindle-ready versions of my book. After spending three days fooling around with Scrivener and Word, I went online for help. I found a program called Sigil that some people suggested. After installing it, I realized that the learning curve was steep and quickly abandoned the idea of using it to format my book.

As luck would have it, I came across a Reddit forum that recommended Bookow.com. I was hesitant, but I visited the site, watched the tutorial, and saw how easy it was to format a book. Also, I could download a watermarked PDF as often as possible without incurring costs. I read all the testimonials and realized I had come to the right place. Steve was a pleasure to work with. He responded quickly to my questions and made the process as painless as possible. My book has 46 images, and he was able to insert them into the PDF and EPUB documents for the standard autoformat with image price. Overall, my experience with Steve and Bookow was terrific, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

- Anthony Paul Hutton, Author of Let Me Tell You About College, A Father Shares Important Insights On American Higher Education

Steve was incredibly helpful, patient, and professional. He responded to my inquiries immediately and clearly walked me through the process. He works very quickly and returned my proofs much sooner than expected. The final product looks amazing and leaves me with a book I'm proud to publish. I could not have formatted my book without Steve's help and I am forever grateful.

- Samuel Der-Yeghiayan, retired United States District Court Judge, Author of Throw it in the Sea

Having struggled unsuccessfully for months to get my e-book manuscript wrestled into shape for a paperback version using KDP Print I had more or less given up hope. Then I came across the Bookow site. Reading the glowing testimonials it all seemed to good to be true. I explored further. A captivating video on the site takes you carefully through the steps required to convert your Word doc into a print ready pdf, and you can try it out with your own manuscript for free. I did, and was amazed. A click of a button, and there was a sample version of my print book, looking like… a print book!

The price is highly competitive, the instructions are clear, and the service terrific. As a non-techie I had some formatting problems with things like asterisks. An e-mail from France to the wonderful Steve in Australia and the answer whizzes back by return – magic. For anyone hesitating, give it a try for free. Thank you, Steve and Bookow, helping Indies around the world to achieve pain-free publication😉

- Laurette Long, Author of Biarritz Passion

I freely admit that formatting and publishing a book is not something I am comfortable doing myself. When I finished my first novel I was sorely tempted to pay a considerable amount of money to have someone handle all of this for me. Other members of my writer's group convinced me that, with very little effort on my part, I could load my novel onto the Bookow site and receive a professional quality product at a very reasonable price. I'm glad I took their advice.

- Marshall Cobb, Author of Will of the Hill

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you for all your work. We are finally up on Amazon with our book, and I could not have done it without you. I really want to thank you for dealing with all my BS, and congratulate you for the excellent work. Checked it on apple and Kindle and it looks great. Great price. Great response time. Can’t ask for more. Here in the states they were looking for double the price you charged. Amazing work, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for the best work on a budget.

Thanks again Steve.

- Alejandro Reyes, Author of The Interest of Time: A Great Balance Sheet Recession

I was using another site to format my manuscript and was in a real jam when they decided to discontinue that service. Luckily I found Bookow which provides a better, faster more flexible service at a very reasonable cost. The site is easy to use, and you're in the driver's seat so you get the professional look your manuscript deserves. I did have a few questions along the way which were answered quickly by Steve in easy to understand language.

- Roberta Park, Author of The Disappearing Shore

I tried and failed at formatting, for both paperback and ebook. Luckily, I found Steve Passiouras. He's been responsive to every question, and to every change I wanted to make. My formatting in Word was irregular, but his program took care of things. Steve took care of things. He's easy to reach, fun to work with, reasonably priced, and a consummate guide for those of us who are self-publishing. I recommend him in every way.

- John Thorndike, Author of A Hundred Fires in Cuba

After spending way too many years writing my book, I knew that I did not want to do the formatting myself. All along I thought that I'd take the easy route and use the Createspace formatting services. But then a week before I was ready to submit my manuscript, they closed down that aspect of their shop.

Looking around to see where else I could go, I somehow stumbled over Steve's Bookow site. After reading the reviews I decided to throw in my lot with him. So fortunate! Steve was super helpful, friendly, patient and fast. Plus the final product was excellent!

I highly recommend him. Thanks so much, Steve.

- Gertraude Roth Li, Author of Lights & Shadows: Discoveries Away From Home

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the quick turnaround and incredible work you did formatting my new book, Gułag Ameryka, in the nearly impossible Polish language!

- Howell Woltz, Author of Gułag Ameryka

I'd just finished the manuscript for my third novel and was excited about getting it published. But then I learned the company I previously used for typesetting services was no longer in business. Panic set in until a fellow author recommended Bookow. I soon discovered the website is amazing! In a matter of minutes, I uploaded my file and it was converted into a beautifully designed book. I liked that I had control over things like font choices, drop caps, fleurons, etc. Given it was my first time going through the process, I encountered many questions along the way. Steve was very responsive and patient, walking me through the information I needed in a timely manner. I'm eternally grateful to him and this affordable, turn-key tool that empowers authors to own the design process.

Bookow is truly a gem for the self-published author.

- Jodie Glazer, Author of In Search of Mr. Anonymous

I just want to say you and your site are a godsend. The quality of the formatting and the ease of use are amazing. You should be complimented on what a great job you've done.

- Bill LaRue, Captain Puckett: Sea stories of a former Panama Canal pilot

You've heard about the needle in the haystack? I think of Bookow as the diamond in the haystack! I feel extremely lucky to have discovered this Melbourne-based, global-reach company that is exceedingly helpful to indie authors and small publishers.

Bookow is easy to use, creates elegantly-typeset interior pages, has helpful cover template resources available for free, and best of all, Steve Passiouras provides excellent customer service. And Bookow is affordable! What's not to like?

Bookow gets my business now and in the future.

- C.J. Shane, Rope's End Publishing, Tucson, Arizona, USA

It was a stroke of luck finding Steve and bookow. This was my first time publishing and I was lost as far as formatting and all the other intricacies. Steve made it all so simple! He is a pleasure to work with, as well as exceptionally patient & kind. A true professional. I will be back! Thanks again, Steve!

- Susan M Shuman, Author of Gutter Ball: A Collection of Short Stories

Bookow is a huge gift for the self-published author. I consider myself extremely blessed to have stumbled upon Steve and his amazing program. I was way over budget and desperate to find some way to get my books formatted. I considered Createspace and Ingramspark, but according to reviews, they can become very pricey.

Enter Steve and his fabulous program. You simply create your Word document with basic formatting, upload it to Steve's website and the program creates a PDF ready for POD or an e-book. It's like magic! Words are hyphenated, breaks are in place, page numbers appear! If you have any problems, Steve is an email away. He answers promptly with simple directions that even someone like me, with minimal tech expertise, can execute. He was exceptionally cooperative in every way.

Bookow makes creating your book so simple; I believe it's a game changer for self-published authors.

- Susan Denning, Author of Far Away Home and Embrace the Wind

I live in England, Steve lives in Australia. I feared this relationship could go horribly wrong.

Now I know the world is small and I need not have worried. Steve led me through every challenge with skill, good humour and quite remarkable patience.

Is your mind boggled by the advice from Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing? I highly recommend you give up now and turn to Steve for help.

- Diana Hutchinson, Author of Long Term Conditions: a Manual for General Practice Nurses

After paying a formatter to prepare my previous manuscripts, and then wasting precious time searching online for simplified instructions so I could prepare them myself, a fellow author highly recommended Steve and Bookow. I now do the same at every opportunity.

Aside from Steve's professional, friendly, and best of all, patient and helpful presence, Bookow is super easy to use and you'll have your finished product in no time.

I couldn't be happier!

- Nancy Haviland, Author of Grievous (Wanted Men #5)

One of the trickiest aspects of publishing a play is getting the visual presentation right: many people resist reading plays, and on the page, it's a huge challenge to find a way to keep the focus on the story (rather than the storytelling method, i.e. dialogue). The typesetter plays a crucial role in telling a good written story via dialogue.

Steve took on the challenge of typesetting my play with aplomb: he responded to my initial inquiry immediately and he understood better than I did what was needed. He brought extensive craft knowledge and creativity to my project: he even suggested I take a look at another published play to get a sense of what was possible. Throughout the process of working with Steve, it was clear he was very committed to making the interior of my book as unique as the story itself. He's a total pro.

As for the final product, it has vastly exceeded all my expectations! Through the art and craft of typesetting, Steve transformed my manuscript from a technical blueprint to a novelistic story. The final product is visually refined, highly original, and technically correct in all respects…and he completed the job in under a week.

If you are looking for a consummate professional to collaborate with you in presenting your work in its best possible light, I highly highly highly recommend Steve Passiouras!

- Deirdre Duffy, Author of Solstice Song

One day I was on CreateSpace (CS), hunting through community threads to try and find solutions to various issues of correctly setting up my book for print and (even more troubling) preparing an eBook version. I had already read numerous horror stories of writers' experiences with trying to create eBooks via online services, and ditto with getting professional-standard typesetting done. Having already received a printed proof of my book from CS, I knew there was a lot of room for improvement in its layout and typesetting. And the online "free" services to create eBooks that I tried were awfully bad.

Steve, I was near despair. I wanted my printed book to look good, and I needed an eBook solution that actually worked. Then I saw you (and Bookow) mentioned in a CS thread and decided to try your services. After all, you offer a free trial, so why not?

I have really appreciated your timely and supportive responses to all my questions. You guided me all the way, telling me how to correctly encode "scene breaks", set up sub-headings and all the rest. Even when I asked if you could set up a custom-made title page and some other special tweaks, you did it all quickly and perfectly, for what was (to be honest) a trivial amount over the standard basic fee. And with Bookow.com's amazing software, you helped me to produce a book that truly looks professional in printed format, and which works perfectly as an eBook as well: everything set up, the Contents page with its links all done, and the cover properly displayed. What a relief!

The pdf "print" file uploaded to CS and passed their inspections with no issues whatsoever. Ditto the "MOBI" file that I uploaded to Amazon KDP. It sailed through without a hitch and went "live" in well under 24 hours.

Bookow.com "does what it says on the can". I am definitely using your services for my future books. Steve, thank you!

- Sean M. Mallam, Author of Finding the Goddess

Bookow's automated typesetting service is excellent, and I particularly appreciated the ability for unlimited experimentation until you are ready to pay to remove the watermark. In the end though the automated version couldn't do everything I was after, so Steve at Bookow quoted to typeset my book as a custom job. This was still good value and Steve reliably and patiently found a way of doing everything just as I had requested.

I am very pleased with the final product and I would recommend Bookow to anyone looking for a typesetting service - and also to those who are not yet convinced of whether they need one or not!

- Andy Sheppard, Author of The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd

As a first-time book publisher, I was a nervous wreck trying first, to format it myself then, finally giving up and contacting Steve. In Steve, I found the thing I value most on the WWW - a true professional! It was a complete pleasure to work with him.

He was so very patient with all my questions and answered everything simply and completely. When the manuscript came back, it looked fantastic - and I was amazed at how quickly it was finished! I also used Steve's bar code creator and was certainly impressed when it was delivered in two different formats for ease of use.

Obviously, one challenge has been removed for creating my next book. I'll never have to worry about formatting again! I couldn't possibly be any happier with your work, Steve. Thank you, so much!

- jl scott, Author of The MASTER COURSE

I would like to say that the typesetting software Steve has conceived is marvelous! And not only that, but Steve is always available for friendly and effective advice.

I have been able to format two novels that are almost ready to be printed. The advantage of this software is that you can use it over and over again. For me, it has been away of eliminating hyphenated words and making the pages look so much nicer. I was first worried that the software wouldn't work as well in Swedish as in English, but I can tell you it functions for most any language, at least the European ones I am familiar with.

So again a very big thank you to Steve whose work I recommend very strongly to anyone interested in self-publishing.

- Ann Johansson, Author of The Father Who Betrayed Me and the Swedish version Fadern som svek mig


I just want to say that the work you have done typesetting my novel, Long Shadows, and fully preparing it for publication, is absolutely wonderful. The novel now looks beautiful on the page. Dealing with you has been a pleasure: you took into consideration all of my requests and kept me in the loop at every stage; but, even so, seeing the finished work was astonishing and impressive. I am so delighted.

I am now preparing to send my two other novels to you for the same treatment and would recommend you and your service to anyone any everyone.

Many Thanks,

- Lynneda K. Geraghty, Author of Long Shadows

As a former typesetter and designer myself, I was looking for an interior book designer who would meet my standards, and it wasn't all that easy. There are a lot of fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants operators out there who make money off the low expectations of their clients.

Aside from his aesthetic (very important to me) and technical skills, Steve is an excellent communicator, as many have commented. He educates his customers so they will be ever more informed clients in the future. Your questions will be answered, and he will keep you up to date.

Very professional and friendly. I rest easy that when my next book is finished, I'll know who to go to for a beautiful book interior for my paperback, .mobi, and .epub.

- Lorena Cassady, Author of the picaresque memoir, Her Perilous Journey

Hi Steve,

My name is Sarah and I'm quite new to publishing. I've been working on a coloring book which I am self publishing with another artist and while we have our ISBN I wasn't sure how to get a barcode.

Your barcode creator tool was so intuitive and easy to use, that I just wanted to say thank you! It sure made things easier for me and your explanations here: https://www.createspace.com/en/community/thread/27301 were super helpful.

So thanks so much for making this tool available and offering it for free! :)

Take Care!

- Sarah Gillmore, Author of Wake-Up Call

Steve, thanks so much for making such a beautiful 3D cover for my boxed set. A simple front cover I can do, but 3D is WAY beyond my capability. Your price was reasonable and I particularly appreciated the fast turnaround so that I could get my Crime Thriller Boxed Set onto Amazon in time for the Christmas rush.

- Susan Fleet, Author of the Award-winning Frank Renzi crime thriller series

I had spent two years researching and writing a family history. That was the fun part! When I got to the technical part of formatting the book, I read a number of books on the subject and thought I could do it. Well, after weeks of struggling over the manuscript and watching Word change my instructions, I decided I just couldn't do it and was ready to shelve the project at least for a while.

Then, while trying to solve some technical issue on a blog at Create Space, I discovered Steve and Bookow. Well, what a delight he is! Not only did he format the book in about 24-36 hours but his communications with me were so cordial and calming. He was very helpful.

I had sworn off writing another book but, with his help, I would be happy to jump in again. Right now I am going through the very pleasant phase of marketing my book and getting lots of kind reception.

I can't thank him enough!

- Joann Russell, Author of Afloat on a Full Sea

I first found Steve and Bookow when looking for a way to create a good-quality ISBN bar code. Steve's free ISBN bar code generator is the best by far, and made my ISBN bar code look much more professional than any other that I found.

Later, when I needed help converting my book to EPUB and Kindle (mobi) format, I found many recommendations of Steve's expertise and services on the CreateSpace community forums. Everyone who recommended him (and there are a lot!) had only the highest praise for his expertise, speed of service, and (very importantly), his customer service. So I contacted him without hesitation.

My experience has been the same as everyone else's: perfect. He responds quickly (even on weekends!), stays in communication, and does a tidy, professional job. He even caught a few typos that nobody else caught, and cared enough about the quality of my work to point them out to me so I could fix them. And after he delivered the final results, he cheerfully agreed to my request for a few tweaks.

Thanks to Steve, my EPUB and Kindle books look professional. I highly recommend him. As another person said, if you are on the fence about hiring Steve, just do it. You won't regret it.

- Marina Michaels, Author of The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself)

I like to do as much as possible for myself - the DIY approach. With the interior formatting of my e-books, I thought I would eventually nut it out. Despite many hours, I could not - precious time lost. My e-book looked absolutely awful loaded onto Kindle Direct Publishing, with misaligned lists and paragraph beginnings. And the amateur look of my print book did not suggest valuable or professional content.

I'm delighted with what Steve achieved. Over the space of less than a week my book has been transformed - attractive, easily readable and being sold.

Thanks Steve for saving my sanity!

- Kylie Bevan, Author of Your Relocation Solution

Bookow.com is simply invaluable. If you're on the fence about using this service for whatever reason, just do it. Do it and you will be so glad you did.

When I was weighing the pros and cons of going with a traditional publisher versus going out on my own, I learned that global distribution channels are now widely available and publishers ask authors to hire their own publicist anyway, so the only real advantage to the traditional route was publishers produce books that look professional and beautiful.

Steve at bookow.com completely levels the playing field in this respect. He did an incredible job formatting my book (and even proofreading-catching errors that four different editors missed). Actually, the word "formatting" sounds a little dry. Let me be clear, what Steve does is art. He also has extensive knowledge about publishing and guided me through the whole process. Now I get to keep creative control and a significantly larger percentage of sales revenue and still have a fantastic, grade-A looking book for such a great price.

I can't recommend Bookow.com enough.

- Andréa Morris, Author of The Science of On-Camera Acting

First off, let me say that Steve and bookow.com are fantastic!

I needed to convert my full color, complex children's book to a Kindle version for viewing on Kindle Fire and other devices using the Kindle Reader App. I wanted the user to have as many options as possible, such as regional magnification, viewing the book in landscape with two pages side by side, as well viewing in vertical format viewing one, large page at a time.

While other companies encountered problems or said this was impossible, Steve was able to trouble-shoot every issue and successfully converted my book to a Kindle version, and kept me updated throughout the entire process.

I might add, that writing and publishing is not my hobby, it is my business and I want my products to be as good, or better, than anything you will find from the best selling children's book authors and major publishing houses.

Steve was able to help me achieve this, ensuring my Kindle book was the best version possible, and I will certainly utilize his services for future books.

- Dave Woolever, Nestor's Adventures, LLC

Not only did Steve help advise me on what trim size and style to format my book, he provided answers to every question I had no matter how silly or amateur they probably appeared to him, and he did so with a friendly and informative approach that kept me from losing the plot. Steve absolutely went above and beyond with his support, professionalism and invaluable delivery in his trade for me. He helped with my images, information on the company I self-published through, pricing, their regulations, amended many spelling errors and helped me with the overall finish to my book.

A first timer publishing my book 'Mr Ladamar's Magic Pocket Players' Steve guided me through what was such a daunting task. Even when I hit problem after problem, even after he had sent me the finished files he went out of his way to amend every error I came up against.

Thanks to you Steve I am now the proud owner of such a quality looking print book and you will have my recommendation for life.

Thank you so much,
J ZE Morrell.

- J ZE Morrell, Author of Mr Ladamar's Magic Pocket Players

I decided to try my hand at self-publishing my first novel, but realized as I was going through the 'self-publishing' part of the process that I wasn't as tech savvy as I thought I was. I'm a writer, not a coder, and the formatting was making my head spin.

I'm so glad I found bookow.com and Steve! This website is absolutely amazing! I just uploaded my Word document and entered some basic information about my book, and it was ready in seconds!

I had lots of questions, since it was my first time using the website, and Steve was so helpful with feedback and giving me the tips I needed to make my book look absolutely beautiful. I did have to do some pre-formatting on my end, like set my chapter headings to Word's "Heading 1" style, but it was nothing compared with what I would have had to do entirely on my own, and Steve was there every step of the way. He was even able to help me get a tricky illustration to fit on the page just right! Also, I loved being able to see my book in various font sizes and styles before deciding on the right one.

Thank you so much, Steve! I know exactly where I'm going after my next book is finished and ready for publishing: bookow.com!

- Amanda Cook, Author of The Golden Orb

Steve was wonderful! I'm not a writer; I just wanted to write an autobiography of my military service for my family. I had a million and one questions but Steve was very patient and answered every question I had.

My book had foreign characters, photos, and some weird formatting issues but Steve typeset my document just like a large publishing firm. Even when I had changes he performed them without a hassle.

Highly recommend Bookow for any typesetting need you might have.

- Bob Evans, Author of Recollections of a Navigator

Steve saved my book project from development hell! I had gotten into a death spiral with another service - Late, Lousy, Lying, and also ... Lots of mistakes.

I needed a rescue, like somebody throw me a rope here. By pure desperate chance I stumbled on an online thread where everybody was saying how great Steve's service is so I bit and lo and behold! Like, literally a few DAYS later my book is up for sale, formatted perfectly with not one single error, my long list of requirements all totally met, and looking way better than I had initially even planned for it to look.

This guy saved my project, and I will never go elsewhere for any future book project, ever.

- Scott Meredith, Author of Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising

Amazing! Bookow.com works perfectly. I am a first time author and spent plenty of money trying to get formatting right. This program allows you to revamp as much as you want until you get what you want.

The service is outstanding. It is rare this day and age to buy a product very reasonably priced that produces as advertised. It is very easy.

- Glenn Henderson, Author of A Change of Course

Writing my stories was easy compared to trying to format them. I spent hours Googling and not understanding. Finally, I found Steve at Bookow on an Irish blog - both Steve and I are in Australia.

I contacted him, sent him my doc. and basically, that was it - apart from me asking him loads of questions only a 57 year old grandma would not know the answers to!

I am indebted to his professionalism and patience and would recommend his company to anybody thinking of publishing an ebook.

Thanks is insufficient.

- Alison Craven, Author of Close Your Eyes and Hold Your Hand Out (stories)

After the proof copy of my book came in the mail, and I saw just how badly I had formatted everything myself, I searched the internet trying to find someone who could help. I am so, so glad I took the advice of the writers on CreateSpace's forums, and went to Bookow.com. What had taken me hours and hours to do, and yet still do badly, took only seconds for Steve's software to transform into a professional, incredible looking book.

Not only that, but when at first PayPal seemed to not be processing my payment, and I sat debating over whether or not I should contact Bookow's owner, an email popped into my inbox from Steve. He reached out to me to make sure everything was active, before I could raise an issue! Days later, when I realized I had made some mistakes with my Word document, leading to formatting issues in my second proof copy, Steve took the time to look into my Word file and figure out what I had done, at no extra cost to me, saving me a ton of time and energy.

I cannot recommend Bookow.com or Steve strongly enough. If you are self-publishing your book, I promise you, this money is well, well spent.

- Emily Timbol, Author of Two Words: Why Hearing, "I'm Gay" Changed My Straight, Christian Life

Steve was available, patient, and very easy to work with. Our book has many tricky design features in it that look great in print but not so much in ebook format. He even found several errors our print designer did not! He did exactly what he said he would, and did it well with minimal hassle.

- Corey Breier, Life is a Game

Moving from screenwriting to novel writing was a big enough change creatively, but formatting proved to be an unexpected nightmare.

With my first book I blithely assumed: "Well obviously some smart person has a program that will take my text and output it to any format needed." Wrong! No guide I found online resulted in "clean" typesetting (let alone digital formats), no matter how diligently I followed directions. It took forever, and I truly dreaded formatting my second book.

But then I found Bookow! There it was! The program I'd dreamed of! On my very first try, my new book had only one glitch, and Steve responded almost instantly with the fix I needed.

This is the way it should be.

- S.S. Wilson, Author of Fraidy Cats!

I cannot say enough good things about bookow.com and Steve. I had hired a local editor to do the layout of my book but it looked "self-published," and I had several professionals at a writers' conference point out rookie typesetting mistakes to me.

I searched the community on CreateSpace for a solution, and they directed me to bookow.com, and boy, am I glad they did! Steve replied immediately to my questions and concerns. He helped me work out glitches in my format and was there for me every step of the way.

This guy is a saint! His patience and kindness went beyond the call of duty. I love all the choices he offers on his site. My book now looks amazing and I have Steve to thank for that.

Bookow will be my first and only stop for layout and formatting services from now on.

- Jo Malizia, Author of Wands and Wings

I came to Bookow for help in converting my book, which I had typeset myself using Adobe InDesign (for self-publication through Amazon's CreateSpace portal), into an eBook - I felt very confident in my ability to format a hard copy book, but never having owned a Kindle or other eBook viewer, I wanted expert help to ensure my eBook readers would have an equally polished and professional-looking product.

Steve was very helpful in talking me through several beginner's questions and explaining the basics of eBook formatting, and he did an excellent job in addressing each of my queries quickly and efficiently. He also flagged up a standard typesetting convention which I had violated in formatting my hard copy book and helped convince me to change the design, a change about which I'm now very happy.

So I can say that Steve provided me with well-designed .mobi and .epub files, great advice regarding the layout of my hard copy book, and the promise of free updates to the eBook files should I need to make any future changes - all for a flat fee which was very reasonable and competitive.

What else could you want?

- Darren Kilfara, Author of Do You Want Total War?

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Steve at bookow.com for his excellent work in converting a book project to ebook format.

His fast responsiveness and eager willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our complete satisfaction were uncommon but very welcome when dealing with the fussy ebook formatting requirements that had me baffled.

I would certainly return for other work in the future.

Thank you, Steve!

- Janice Taylor, coordinator for A Primer for Ascension by Pierre R. Dubois

Like many newcomers to the world of e-publishing I spent a while (OK, too long) researching how to convert a Word document into a format suitable for Kindle devices. All the information you need is out there - but assimilating it and putting it into practice is another matter.

I wanted the conversion of my father's book to e-reader format to be done to professional standards and I didn't want to have to spend months learning how - that's where bookow.com came in.

Thanks to Steve's friendly and efficient service I received the text back in a Kindle format within days of discussing my requirements with him. Not only that, but he had tweaked the formatting to accommodate some eccentric layout features of the original book. The e-book version was submitted to the Kindle review panel, passed first time, and was immediately put on sale. (I wish life could be like that more often).

The service provided fully lives up to the billing and it saved me a lot of head scratching.

My advice for first-timers is simple: - don't hesitate, use Bookow's automatic formatting service, or get in touch with Steve. You won't regret it.

- Stuart Burling for Wennington Press, publishers of the novel Sasquatch Man by John P Burling

Buying a service on the internet can be a frightening experience, so I wanted to share my experience with Bookow to help put some minds at ease. If you are looking for a true partner to assist you with your data formatting for electronic books, you have come to the right place.

I was very new to the whole process of converting a paperback into any type of E-reader format. Steve @ Bookow was incredibly patient with me and worked extremely hard to make sure that everything turned out just right.

If there is one way I universally judge all service providers, I judge the type of service they provide after the sale. Steve was so supportive and helpful from start to finish, there is no doubt I will continue to use his services for my future formatting needs.

I highly recommend Bookow to anyone looking to make the conversion from paper to digital as painless and simple as possible.

Thank you, Steve!

- B. Thomas Harwood, Author of Eternidad - Cimmerian Rising

This was the easiest process I have ever used.

I had almost given up on ever getting my book formatted correctly to submit and Steve's amazing software did it instantly. Any changes I wanted to make were effortless. And the best part was that Steve answered my questions promptly so I could keep moving forward with my edits.

I truly wish everyone offered this kind of service with their online products.

- Tina Kitchens, Author of Death, Diamonds and Dirty Socks

I can't say enough how impressed I am with bookow.com. Getting your word.doc file made into an ebook does not take very long at all. My ebook even had 2 complicated maps that Steve was able to take care of in a timely fashion.

My favorite part of the website is that if I find a typo, I can fix it myself and not have to pay another $100-$200 to have someone remake the entire epub file.

I've gone through a couple different sites that have formatted my word.doc into an ebook, but none have been nearly as efficient as bookow has been. I will go through bookow for my upcoming books and I would highly recommend them to any author.

Thank you Steve for all of your hard work and being easy to work/communicate with. You saved me time, money, and headaches.

- Tony Johnson, Author of The Story of Evil: Heroes of the Siege

Once in a great while, a company shows up on the radar screen of life that delivers what it promises. Then you run into a company that delivers more than it promises.

That is the case with Bookow.com.

I'm technologically fairly savvy, but formatting, uploading, proofing, finding errors, fixing errors, uploading and repeating was making me crazy. I've turned my book formatting over to the pros before and, let me put it this way, I have spent a lot more on book formatting and received far less than full value. Far, far less.

This time, I submitted an MSWord .doc file to Bookow, followed the simple instructions and got exactly what I was looking for. No, seriously - I fed the file in at one end and in a matter of a couple of minutes it shot out the other fully formatted and ready for upload.

I made a few changes to the original document a few days later and sent it through the Bookow formatting engine again (no charge of course). This time, I mucked it up. Badly. Steve stepped in, set things to rights and I was back on the road. This guy is a lifesaver.

Use Bookow for your book formatting needs. You may regret a lot of decisions in life. This won't be one of them.

- K. Francis Ryan, Author of Echoes Through the Mist

I am an idiot. People don't get any more befuddled by technology than my good self. I am, however, a pretty good writer. So, I do what I do best and let other folks do what they do best.

The trouble is, Steve at Bookow takes "best" and pushes it by a factor of 10 to produce stunning, fully formatted documents ready for upload. His chronic overachieving is ruining the formatting business for other companies who try to compete with him.

What they don't know is, they are not in the same business. While they are busy trying to provide a service, Steve is delivering perfectly formatted books every single time and doing it in minutes.

For me, Bookow is the way to go - this time and every time.

- Aaron Aalborg, Author of They Deserved It

As the founder and CEO of a small publishing company, I needed a typesetter and format specialist who could create a professional product in a short amount of time. I asked Steve Passiouras of bookow.com to complete a publication project for me, and the result was excellent.

Steve's typesetting was beautiful--there is no other word for its elegance of form. The formatting changes that he implemented enhanced the entire layout of the book, and its professional quality surpassed that of the larger publishing houses.

Steve has my highest recommendation for book formatting, typesetting, and cover design.

- Dr. Norene Moskalski, Divinity Press

Steve of bookow.com saved my book from an early death and me from many more weeks of misery. Friends and fellow writers have spoken about how easy self-publishing was for them. Sure, writing was not difficult, but formatting was beyond my grasp, especially because I needed to insert images. CreateSpace community did help me learn to re-size images for my book, but the formatting kept me stumped.

I saw bookow.com on CS forum and emailed Steve. He has worked with me, answered my many, many emails and even caught a few errors in my document. The care and concern he took with me and my book were fantastic. I wish I had emailed him months ago and saved myself the agony of trying to format.

I recommend bookow.com to anyone struggling with the self-publishing process. Spend your time and energy on writing and let Steve handle the rest.

- Diana Amann Cruze, Author of A Life in the Day of a Lady Salesman

At a time when customer service seems to be sorely lacking, I feel like I struck gold in finding www.bookow.com. The help you provided me went above and beyond.

The software you created for formatting and page numbering is brilliant and now that I'm more seasoned (thanks to you), I know the process will be even easier the next time around.

Using your service has saved me time AND money.

Thanks again, Steve - you're the best!

- Maureen Barberio, Author of Gettin' Out of Bullytown

In today's daily grind of poor products, lousy service and exhorbitant prices, it is a pleasure to find a gem such as Steve's incredibly easy and powerful ISBN barcode creator. The only thing that I've found to be even better is Steve himself! First, about the ISBN barcode creator: It allows pricing information in the barcode which is a real plus; it's very simple to use; the barcode shows up instantly for easy download; it's crisp and sharp; allows scaling within the allowable limits of 80 - 200 percent, and if you need help (which you won't) Steve will personally walk you through it. Oh yeah, the price: it's free. No strings at all.

But I did see where Steve offers ebook formatting services, so I contacted him by email and uploaded my book design. He got back to me immediately and thoroughly answered all my questions plus gave me loads of valuable advice. We exchanged a few emails, and I enjoyed our conversations as much as using his wonderful barcode creating tool. What really lead me to contacting Steve were all the glowing testimonials. Well, here's one more.

Thanks for putting some enjoyment - and efficiency - into my daily grind.

- Chaz DeSimone, graphic designer

I will probably be the only testimony that doesn't talk about how easy this is. I went with the automated service after considering Createspace's Kindle formatting service which was about the same price but would take a month to get around to doing it for me. The price and the idea of having a file in minutes vs a month had me. However, being the Bermuda Triangle of book problems that I am, the only thing that happened in minutes was Steve's email responses to my many issues.

Steve actually fixed a lot of my word.doc for me, several times I might add, and was quick and nice about it. He also made some adjustments to make certain sections display a little better. If you can follow simple directions and just do what he says, you will probably have a great file instantly. I kept messing mine up. Steve kept fixing.

What I really like, is that I can go back and fix and change and mess with it (and I am a big time messer) until I settle on what I want. Won't get that through Createspace! I uploaded and downloaded a zillion times. I'm very proficient at that part now. I feel a sense of relief that if a typo escaped my attention before, the fix is an easy upload, download, upload away.

- Seneca Schurbon, Author of Flower Power - Essences That Heal

Steve completed the conversion on time, on budget, and every last detail was covered. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

- Michael Boyink, Author of Building an ExpressionEngine 2 Site for Small Business

As the owner of an independent publishing company, using web-based software like bookow.com to format our available titles quickly and easily was wonderful. Within minutes, we had professional typeset books that were ready to be published in both eBook and print versions.

We highly recommend this fantastic automated service to Indie authors and other online publishers.

- Alexandra Crawford, Editorial Director of Moonlight Publishing

Steve was great to work with - formatting eBooks can be daunting to a first-timer like me, but Steve was there from start to finish with personal, considerate service.

I'd be happy to recommend Bookow.com to anyone who needs a quick, manageable approach to preparing their eBook. Thanks, Steve!

- Ryan Gielen, author of Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon

I highly recommend bookow.com for their service of formatting of PDF, Mobi, and EPub files for authors who wish to self-publish.

I struggled to do the basic format for Kindle and also for Smashwords. I was extremely discouraged by the experience. I then looked around for formatting services, most asked me to submit my document for a quote and then the job may take days to complete.

What bookow.com has is a software that automatically convert a word.doc file into the desired self-publish formats. The process takes seconds, not minutes, almost instantaneous.

After reading the PDF file, I discovered a number of errors in my manuscript, some were typos, some were just additional editing. With Bookow's service, all I had to do is make the correction on my word.doc file and upload it again. It was so simple that it was like magic. No painful back and forth that will both waste time and money.

The best part is the customer service. Steve was extremely patient with me. He answered my questions within minutes. I never had to wait for a response. And in the end every thing turned out nice. The typesetting looks beautiful. I am very grateful for bookow.com.

Thank you again Steve for all your kind help.

- Sheng-Shih Lin, author of Daughter of the Bamboo Forest

For the past few days I have been helping steveoz beta test and debug his website www.bookow,com and I have to say that it will be a godsend to everyone who hasn't a clue about preparing their manuscript for publication.

I think the most important feature is that you can take a single spaced Word document with no headers, footers, margins or formatting (except for chapter titles) and within seconds of uploading your manuscript have a fully formatted PDF file downloaded to your computer is all of the standard CS trim sizes.

And the end product is more akin to an InDesign than Word PDF. Don't ask me how he does it, I am only interested in the end result and it is fantastic.

It is truly unbelievable. Once a title has been listed, you can reload the source file with corrections as needed and create an updated PDF instantly.

Bookow.com is the "Why didn't I think of that" solution to the endless number of authors who are struggling to get their Word documents formatted and ready for submission to CS.

You can go to www.bookow.com right now and download the submission guidelines and a copy of The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells to see just how fantastic this website is.

- Steven W. Johnson, author of Not Much of a Crime

I just wanted to thank you for your service, I cannot believe how easy it was to self publish my Seniors Travel Tips book using both of your services.

It was affordable and easy - if I can do it, anyone can do it.

The book looks so professional inside and out. The cover is great and the inside looks professional.

I highly recommend your services to anyone.

- Bronwyn White, author of Seniors Travel Tips

Michelle, as the author of that book Steveoz has just turned into an e-book, I agree, he did an amazing job. The book needed, and now has, 1,550 hyperlinks as well as challenging diagram and table issues.

Steve did the e-book conversion in 9 days, with about a dozen exchanges of emails as I progressively made life more difficult for him. This came after CS Services in effect turned down the job (they quoted, I asked them if they would be handling the diagram and table issues, and they just didn't reply).

Yesterday I ran Steve's epub file through epubcheck and received a tick, then uploaded the mobi file to Kindle without any queries or delays.

- Geoff Chamberlain, author of Understanding Strategy

I ran into problems trying to get my family history book in a file and format that was acceptable to CreateSpace. I contacted Steve and within just a few days, he provided me with a file that worked beautifully.

He redid my maps and pictures and designed a lovely cover for my book. I just got the proof and I couldn't be happier.

I'd gladly recommend Steve. You can trust his word and you can trust his work!

- R James Abbott

Thanks for a great service.

- William Horden

Dear Steve

'Thank you' for your professional but kindly help over and above the call of duty.

We are looking at a reprint maybe in the next couple of weeks if the books continue to sell at the rate they are going!!

Have received soooo many compliments re format of the book.
Thanks for your previous help and looking forward to working with you again.

- Val Schache, publisher of Irene Gleeson'sDance of the Tragic Heroines

What great service!

- Judy Price, author of Sudden Deception