What's this web site all about, then?

I'm glad you asked.

bookow.com provides a simple and quick way to generate print-ready PDF files, Kindle files, and other e-book files from your Word manuscript.

The PDFs are properly typeset, which means they will look a lot better than just saving your manuscript as a PDF file from within Word (or other word processor software).

They adhere to the standards required by POD services such as CreateSpace/KDP and Lulu.

Can I see?

Sure! We have a few sample books for you to look at.

Download the Word files as well as the PDF files so that you can see how there is virtually no formatting in the manuscript itself. bookow.com does it all for you.

Note that there are a number of PDF files for each title. That's to show you how we can create PDFs in different trim (page) sizes and different formatting, all from the one Word manuscript.

Looks good, but what's so special about bookow.com?

Well, it's an automated service using our very special and very clever software. You just upload your Word file, choose a few settings and you can instantly download your PDF and e-book files.

You can change your trim (page) size, change settings such as where you want the page numbers printed, change fonts, all from within bookow.com, and instantly download a new PDF and see how it looks.

For complicated layouts, we also provide a custom service.

Does it cost money?

Yes, the automated service is only US$80.00.

Can I try it before I decide to pay?

Yes, you can!

You can use the service for free, but the PDF will have a watermark. In all other aspects, it will be the same as what you'll get when you pay. That way, you can see exactly how your book will look.

OK, sounds good. What do you mean by properly typeset?

Many things, but let me give you just one example.

Take a look at a paragraph of your manuscript in Word, or whichever word processor program you use. If you have the text justified, you'll notice that some lines have large gaps between words and some lines have small gaps. In fact, there is no consistency from one line to the next.

If you generate a PDF using whatever method Word or your word processor supports (Save As, Export, Print To, etc), it will look exactly as it does in Word, with all those loose and tight spaces.

Now take a look at any book you have lying around. See how the gaps between words are consistent? bookow.com will do that for you. It's one of the differences between a professionally laid out book and a typical self-published book.

What happens when I edit my manuscript?

Just upload your new manuscript, and you can instantly download a new PDF. No extra charge, and you can do it as often as you like.

That sounds great! What if I need help?

Just email me. I'm always around, and I'm more than happy to help.

You sound nice. Are you single?

Thanks! Let's keep this professional, though, shall we?

OK. Hey, one more question. What about the Kindle and other e-book readers, like the iPad or Nook?

Yes, bookow.com will create those files for you as part of the package. No extra to pay!

Gosh, bookow.com is so clever!

Thank you, but that's not a question.

Oh, you're right. I thought of one! What about books that the automated service can't do?

Well, if your manuscript has lots of tables, lists, or other special formatting requirements, we have a custom service that starts at US$250.00.

We do especially good work on difficult manuscripts, but we'll need to see it and give you a quote.