Welcome to bookow.com

bookow.com takes the pain out of formatting books for independent authors and publishers. We offer an automated service as well as custom options for typesetting. bookow.com provides you with professional and beautiful properly typeset files.

bookow.com offers an automated service for typesetting books for both print and e-readers. Simply upload your manuscript, enter your front matter, choose from a range of professional fonts, headers and footers. You can instantly download beautifully typeset files of your book in PDF format, ready to print, or in e-book formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e-readers.

For books that require more advanced layouts that includes images, tables and other graphics bookow.com provides custom typesetting services.

Our print-ready PDFs are designed to be printed by you, or a professional printer, or submitted to your Print-On-Demand supplier such as KDP.

Why use bookow.com?

bookow.com takes your typesetting to the next level. Word processor software such as Word or Pages do not provide the expert typesetting features required for a professional publication. An example of this is that word procesors will place large spaces between words on one line and small spaces between words on the next. Changing some text can throw out all your formatting. Changing the trim (page) size, margins, even the headers can cause problems with your formatting.

bookow.com uses professional typesetting software to reflow your text in a range of trim sizes, applying proper hyphenation and justification. You will have control over your headers and footers, and fonts, and can easily change them, without having to change your manuscript.

You can concentrate on writing your manuscript, bookow.com will concentrate on formatting it.