Free Resources

We've created several tools that assist in creating PDFs, covers, barcodes, etc.
Eventually, we'll place them all here for you to use, for free.

  • ISBN-13 Bookland Barcode Generator

    Create a vector PDF file or a high-res PNG file

    This tool creates a barcode image as a .PDF file, or as a high-res .PNG file ready for printing. The barcode can optionally include the price supplement.

    There is a limit to how many you can get for free, as we have made this available to assist self-publishers. If you require many barcodes, please email for a quote.

    ISBN-13 e.g. 978-3-16-148410-0
    Price, in $US e.g. 24.95 or 10.00 or 129.99 or 350.00
    Leave blank if not required
    Or 90000 for no set price
    Your email address
    Your email address (again)
    DPI 300 600 1200 2400
    Percentage scale, a number between 80 and 200
    Leave blank for no scaling (100%)
  • ISBN-13 Hyphenator

    Puts hyphens in the proper place in your ISBN

    Were you provided an ISBN with no hyphens, or perhaps just one hyphen? ISBN13s should have four hyphens, but the placement is not the same for every ISBN. This tool determines where they should go.

    ISBN-13 e.g. 9783161484100 or 978-3161484100
  • CreateSpace Cover Template Generator

    Create PDF, PNG, SLA, and ODG files

    This tool creates cover template files in PDF and PNG, and optionally SLA and ODG formats.

    The files conform to the CreateSpace cover requirements.

    PDF is a vector format, PNG is a raster format, SLA is for Scribus, and ODG is for OpenOffice.

    The Scribus SLA file contains multiple layers and guide lines.

    Just choose your trim size, number of pages, and paper type, and optional file formats.

    You can specify an ISBN if you want a barcode.

    Width e.g. 8.5
    Height e.g. 11
    Page count
    Paper type white cream colour
    e.g. 978-3-16-148410-0
    OPTIONAL Price Barcode, in $US e.g. 24.95 or 10.00 or 129.99 or 350.00
    Leave blank if not required
    Or 90000 for no set price
    Formats PDF
    SLA (Scribus)
    ODG (OpenOffice)
    Your email address
    Your email address (again)